Mesa AZ | The Cost of Caring for Elderly Parents

Adult children throughout Arizona often face numerous challenges associated with caring for their aging parents.   While having an elderly parent live in your home can be much less expensive than moving your parent into an assisted living or other facility, … Continued

Mesa AZ | How Do I Choose a Trustee for My Estate?

How do I choose a trustee for my estate? A trustee is an individual or a financial institution or other entity that takes responsibility for administering a trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries that you name. The duties of a … Continued

Mesa AZ | What Is “Undue Influence” in Estate Planning?

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous persons prey on individuals who are vulnerable or in some way dependent on others.  Often, these are individuals who are ill or elderly.   A common abuse in these situations is the exercise of undue influence.  Undue influence … Continued

Mesa AZ | Three Problems with DIY Wills

A will is one of the most basic and important documents for financial planning, especially as you grow closer to retirement.  Many people do not have a will or the will they do have is out of date or riddled … Continued

Mesa AZ | Should I Make A Living Trust By Myself?

When written properly, a revocable, living trust offers a probate-free, fast and private way to transfer your property upon your death.  A revocable, living trust also provides a straightforward mechanism for managing your assets in the event of your incapacity. … Continued

Mesa AZ | How Often Should You Update Your Estate Plan?

The question often arises, how often should you update your estate plan? While documenting your estate plan with the help of an Arizona estate planning attorney is a great step forward, periodic reviews of your plan are still needed.  Things … Continued

Mesa AZ | Five Estate Planning Myths

There are five estate planning myths that can be detrimental to your estate planning process. Make sure you understand the value of estate planning and consult with an Arizona estate planning attorney as soon as possible. Estate Planning Is Only for … Continued

Mesa AZ | Probate 101

Most people considering the weight loss process will be at least familiar with the term probate. Understanding how it works and how it can have an impact on your estate is a good plan for determining how you’re going to … Continued