Mesa AZ | Tips for Making a Pet Trust

If you are a pet owner, it is likely that you feel as though your pet or pets are part of your family. Planning ahead by using a pet trust can be one of the most popular tools you’ll consider … Continued

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Your executor plays an important role in the process of handling your estate after you have passed away. There are certain steps you can take to make this process easier for him or her, starting with notifying this individual that … Continued

Mesa AZ | Why You Need an Estate Plan for Your Digital Assets

In today’s world, many of us store and deal with a lot of digital material. These “digital assets” include passwords, email accounts, video storage and photo storage sites, frequent flyer miles, identity sites, gaming sites, and other types of online … Continued

Mesa AZ | Asset Protection Planning

It is a mistake to assume that only extremely wealthy individuals can benefit from asset protection planning. Many people will spend their entire lives working to build their wealth and leave behind a legacy.  However, they often give little thought … Continued

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Mesa AZ | What Is Estate Planning?

In general, Estate Planning is the process of documenting a plan to meet the following objectives: Transferring personal assets and wealth to family members, friends or charities; and Designating the people responsible for: Taking care of your property and making … Continued