Mesa AZ | New Regulations for Green Cards

New Regulations for Green Cards Make Them Harder to Obtain Immigrants who currently have a work visa and who want to become permanent residents will face additional hurdles under the Trump regime. These new regulations for green cards make them … Continued

Mesa AZ | H1B Visa Under President Trump’s Administration

Requirements for the H1B Visa Under President Trump’s Administration The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services recently issued a memo that declared that not all computer programmer positions may qualify for an H1B visa. Then President Trump signed an executive … Continued

Mesa AZ | Naturalization Process

What Are the Steps in the Naturalization Process Becoming a citizen is the dream of many immigrants in the United States. However, the path to citizenship is not always simple. The steps in the naturalization process are discussed below. Permanent Resident Status … Continued

Mesa AZ | Birthright Citizenship

What Happens When Birthright Citizenship Is Abolished? During President Donald Trump’s election, he released a policy paper that outlined his desire to abolish birthright citizenship. This proclamation left many immigrants scared and confused about how such a change could affect … Continued

Mesa AZ | Trump’s Rescission of DACA

What Does Trump’s Rescission of DACA Mean? After the Dream Act failed to become legislature, President Barack Obama established the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2012. This program provided important privileges to young immigrants who came to the United … Continued

Mesa AZ | An Immigration Consultant

Should I Hire An Immigration Consultant? If you or your family apply for permanent citizenship in the United States, you likely know you are up against a difficult task. Getting a green card can be a long and tedious process, … Continued

Mesa AZ | An EAD or A Green Card

Should I Get An EAD or A Green Card? Deciding to move to the United States to both live and work is just the first step in the immigration process. You also need to review different visas and other options … Continued

Mesa AZ | My H1B Visa

I Didn’t Get My H1B Visa In The Lottery – What Are My Options? Every fiscal year, USCIS receives well over the allotted 85,000 applications for the H1B nonimmigrant visa, usually within the first few days. This year they received … Continued

Mesa AZ | Does The Child Status Protection Act Help Me

How Does The Child Status Protection Act Help Me? Parents who want to help their child become a U.S. citizen are encouraged to fill out and submit paperwork on the child’s behalf as soon as possible. But a “child” is … Continued

Mesa AZ | A Business Plan and an L1 Visa

A Business Plan and an L1 Visa – Do I Need One to Get the Other? Businesses who want to bring experienced immigrant employees to the United States to work often choose the L-1 nonimmigrant visa. This visa is for … Continued