Mesa AZ | Immediately After an Automobile Accident

What Should I Do Immediately After an Automobile Accident? Over six million car accidents occur in the United States on an annual basis. A third of these result in personal injuries to victims. Tragically, 20 percent of automotive crashes lead … Continued

Mesa AZ | Boating While Drinking

What Are the Dangers of Boating While Drinking? While many people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, they may not be as conscious of the dangers of boating while drinking. This activity can be even more dangerous than … Continued

Mesa AZ | Traumatic Brain Injuries

Avoiding Traumatic Brain Injuries A traumatic brain injury disrupts the function of the brain. This type of injury often occurs when a person is violently shaken, is hit by something, has their skull penetrated or collides with a hard surface. … Continued

Mesa AZ | Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

What Are the Warning Signs of Financial Elder Abuse? Elder financial abuse occurs when someone misuses the assets of a vulnerable elder or steals the elder’s assets. Many older people are vulnerable to abuse so it is important to monitor … Continued

Mesa AZ | Product Defect Injuries

Johnson & Johnson Product Defect Injuries: Lawsuit Results Over the last several years, baby product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has found itself on the receiving end of thousands of product defect lawsuits. Many of these claims have been based on … Continued

Mesa AZ | Medical Malpractice Involving Improper Medications

What Are the Consequences of Medical Malpractice Involving Improper Medications? Medical malpractice may be based on a variety of causes, including providing improper medication to a patient. Medical malpractice involving improper medications impacts more than one million patients every year, … Continued

Mesa AZ | The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone: Arizona’s Limit to Innocent Bystander Claims American courts have long recognized injury claims in bystander or “near-miss” cases.  These cases usually involve a person who suffers mental or emotional injury because of an unreasonable or “negligent” act … Continued

Mesa AZ | Damages for Catastrophic Injuries

How Do Juries Assess Damages for Catastrophic Injuries? Every day people are injured because of the careless acts of others. While some of these accidents only result in minor injuries, many cause catastrophic injuries that lead to life-altering consequences to the victim. … Continued

Mesa AZ | Slip and Fall Lawsuit

What do I do if I’m Considering a Slip and Fall Lawsuit? In determining the liability of a property owner for a victim’s injuries from a slip and fall accident, principles of premises liability may be applied. Premises liability claims can … Continued

Mesa AZ | Inadequate Rest and Truck Accidents

Is There a Link Between Inadequate Rest and Truck Accidents? Commercial truck drivers must often log many hours as they try to quickly transport goods across the country. Due to this, many truck drivers are fatigued when they drive. Sometimes, … Continued