Mesa AZ | New Regulations for Green Cards

New Regulations for Green Cards Make Them Harder to Obtain Immigrants who currently have a work visa and who want to become permanent residents will face additional hurdles under the Trump regime. These new regulations for green cards make them … Continued

Mesa AZ | Immediately After an Automobile Accident

What Should I Do Immediately After an Automobile Accident? Over six million car accidents occur in the United States on an annual basis. A third of these result in personal injuries to victims. Tragically, 20 percent of automotive crashes lead … Continued

Mesa AZ | What Can Invalidate Premarital Agreements

What Can Invalidate Premarital Agreements in Arizona? Many people are turning to prenuptial agreements today, not just the wealthy. A prenuptial agreement can be an effective way to protect children from a previous relationship, a family business, and separate property. … Continued

Mesa AZ | Asylum Based on Gang Violence

Can I Seek Asylum Based on Gang Violence? To qualify for asylum relief, an immigrant must show that he or she has a credible fear of persecution on account of their membership in a particular social group or due to … Continued

Mesa AZ | Boating While Drinking

What Are the Dangers of Boating While Drinking? While many people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, they may not be as conscious of the dangers of boating while drinking. This activity can be even more dangerous than … Continued

Mesa AZ | H1B Visa Under President Trump’s Administration

Requirements for the H1B Visa Under President Trump’s Administration The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services recently issued a memo that declared that not all computer programmer positions may qualify for an H1B visa. Then President Trump signed an executive … Continued

Mesa AZ | Premarital Agreement

Do We Need Different Attorneys for a Premarital Agreement? A premarital agreement in Arizona is an effective tool that can allow engaged couples to protect their financial interests in the case of divorce or death. While it is not technically required … Continued

Mesa AZ | Traumatic Brain Injuries

Avoiding Traumatic Brain Injuries A traumatic brain injury disrupts the function of the brain. This type of injury often occurs when a person is violently shaken, is hit by something, has their skull penetrated or collides with a hard surface. … Continued

Mesa AZ | Grounds for Annulment

What Are the Grounds for Annulment in Arizona? If an individual believes that his or her marriage was not valid, he or she may consider pursuing an annulment rather than a divorce. An annulment is different from a divorce because, … Continued

Mesa AZ | Naturalization Process

What Are the Steps in the Naturalization Process Becoming a citizen is the dream of many immigrants in the United States. However, the path to citizenship is not always simple. The steps in the naturalization process are discussed below. Permanent Resident Status … Continued