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Arizona Family Law is not just about dividing property and debts when people make the decision to divorce.  Family law is highly personal to each individual client and no two cases are exactly the same.  Arizona law provides for certain rights and responsibilities for spouses and children and a thorough knowledge of those rights and responsibilities is critical to your successful navigation of the uncertainties of divorce.  The attorneys and staff of the family law practice at Udall Shumway PLC are highly qualified professionals with a combined 200+ years of legal experience.  Our Mesa AZ Family Law Divorce Attorneys, including two certified specialists in family law who routinely provide continuing education seminars to other attorneys, are skilled litigators but also talented negotiators with an eye pointed towards settlement whenever possible. If you are contemplating a divorce, legal separation, or annulment, or you simply have questions about the process, please contact us for a consultation.

Especially in our current trying economic times, you may find yourself back in the family court due to modification of child support, spousal maintenance, or a potential relocation of your children out of state.  Representation in such post-decree matters is included in the many services offered by our family law attorneys.  It is important to understand your rights and options when faced with these perhaps drastic changes and the attorneys at Udall Shumway PLC are available to meet with you to discuss your questions and provide guidance on your next steps.

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