Glossary of Common Family Law Terms

When engaged in a family law action, a person will hear a variety of terms being used to describe various issues relating to financial matters and, most importantly, issues relating to your children. It is crucial for a family law party to have a clear definition of what these terms mean. Below is a list of several resources for family law that a person can expect to run across during the pendency of their case and a basic definition of each.  It is highly recommended that parties, or potential parties, to family law litigation speak with a qualified family law attorney about the specifics of their case.  Click here to view our Glossary of Common Family Law terms.

Parenting Classes and Parenting Counseling

Maricopa County Superior Court’s List of Resources for Parenting Counseling or Parenting Classes.

Child Centered Residential Guidelines

Click on the link above to access the Child Centered Residential Guidelines. This information was  recently published by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers to address the concerns regarding parenting time. These guidelines help in making decisions to focus on the best interests of the child when the parents are going to divorce.

East Valley Child Crisis Center-Family Resource Center

A variety of classes are offered from expectant parents to children’s self development. Anger management for individuals & families, and parenting skills. Certificates of Completion are offered, which satisfies Court -ordered classes.

Parenting Time booklet

Arizona Supreme Court model parenting time booklet, which contains sample parenting time calendars, parenting time plans and long-distance parenting time suggestions. While many judges may not follow the guidelines in this booklet, it does have some good graphical calendars which can be used to develop parenting plans.

Maricopa County Superior Court

Access information about your case, judges, commissioners and other useful information.

Arizona Revised Statutes – Title 25

Review the statutes governing family law matters.

Maricopa County Family Support Center

Review payment information, get information on direct deposit for your support payments, what you need to do to change your address with the Clearinghouse, etc.

Maricopa County Conciliation Services

The Parental Conflict Resolution Class (PCR) is a single four-hour class taught at the court designed specifically for parents in high conflict.

The Center for Divorce Education

Click on this link to access a variety of divorce education classes. There are classes for couples who are separating, divorcing, as well as a variety of classes for

Supreme Court of Arizona Family Law Center

Review various information pertaining to family law matters including how to find and select an attorney.