Your initial consultation is just that, a first meeting where you will consult with an attorney regarding your legal issue.  It is an opportunity for you to find out more about them and an opportunity for them to find out more about your case so they can offer you advice and support on how best to proceed.

Your consultation will likely be scheduled for a fixed amount of time so it is important that you come to the meeting prepared.  Be sure to bring copies of any relevant documents and any particular items you might have been asked to bring when you called to schedule the consultation. Consider making a list of questions important to you so you don’t forget to ask them. During the consultation, if you are unclear about any of the information you are receiving, ask for clarification.  You need to understand what the attorney is telling you so you can make informed decisions. Finally, separate fact from emotion and be prepared to be honest.  The job of your attorney is to use their knowledge of the facts to counsel you on the relevant issues of your case and to develop a legal strategy for accomplishing your goals.  Omitting facts and details about your case will limit the effectiveness of your lawyer and can ultimately harm your case.