Bedsores (pressures sores, decubitus ulcers)
Open wounds
Broken bones
Bruise, cuts, welts, frozen joints
Genital infections
Assault and/or battery
Sexual assault and/or sexual battery
Unusual or unexplained injuries
Injuries that require emergency treatment or hospitalization
Unexplained or unexpected death
Dehydration or poor hydration
Significant weight loss
Deprivation of food and drink
Stranger behavior, such as rocking, biting and sucking
Depression or anxiety
Wandering and elopement
Unusual and unexplained lethargy or sedation
Chemical restraint or mind-altering medication not prescribed by doctor
Significant changes in medication
Medication errors or overdose
Deprivation of medication
Poor personal hygiene
Torn, stained or dirty clothing
Urine and fecal odors
Infections and sepsis
Illnesses or condition changes that are not promptly reported to the physician and family
Bedrails or other physical restraints