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Udall Shumway PLC started in 1965 with an alliance between two law school friends. As the story goes, Dale Shumway and David Udall agreed to flip a coin to determine the name and location of the new partnership. Mr. Udall won both tosses and the Law Offices of Udall and Shumway were established in the City of Mesa. To this day, Mr. Shumway still claims Mr. Udall used a two-headed coin.


The firm’s first office was located above a drug store, on the second floor of 41 East Main Street in Mesa. By 1968, the criminal and civil practice had grown enough that more staff and space were needed. Dennis Blackhurst was brought on as a partner and the firm relocated to the Valley Bank Building at 13 North MacDonald. The name was changed to Udall, Shumway & Blackhurst, the first of many name changes.

1971 – 1972

In 1971, Robert Bentley joined the firm to handle business and estate planning and Dale Shumway opened a satellite office in Tempe at 64 East Broadway. Merle Allen joined in 1972, focusing on insurance defense and general litigation. The firm name changed to Udall, Shumway, Blackhurst, Allen and Bentley.

1973 – 1974

John Lyons joined the firm in 1973, focusing on insurance defense and general litigation practices with Merle Allen. The name was changed again to Udall, Shumway, Blackhurst, Allen, Bentley & Lyons. Shortly thereafter, on October 28, 1974, the firm moved to 30 West First Street in downtown Mesa.

The 1980s saw changes in the name and partners of the firm as it continued to grow, reaching 20 attorneys in 1990. Merle Allen retired in 1996, followed by Dennis Blackhurst in 2001, at which time the firm changed its name Udall Shumway & Lyons. John Lyons retired in 2004. Dale Shumway and David Udall became Of-Counsel in 2000 and are still involved in the firm. One of our founding partners, John Lyons, passed away in 2008.
Udall Shumway PLC remains committed to its tradition of providing excellent legal assistance to its clients and the community it serves.
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