Need Employer Legal Advice?

Even the most successful business owners will likely have the occasional need for an employment lawyer. Claims brought by current and former employees can lead to significant awards against a business if not handled proactively and effectively. While you may be comfortable handling the day-to-day human resources matters in your business, it is wise to seek the advice of an experienced employment lawyer when dealing with:


If you are considering terminating an employee for misconduct, performance issues, or other inappropriate behavior and you believe the employee might sue, you should seek legal advice prior to the termination. An experienced employment lawyer can help you minimize the risks of a claim by ensuring you are not violating any state or federal laws.

Complaints or Claims:

Not every employee complaint or claim will lead to a lawsuit so it is important to be proactive when issues arise. An experienced employment lawyer can advise on the strength of an employee’s claim, assist is the preparation of responses to charges, guide you in handling an agency’s investigation, and even coach you in how to prepare for and handle yourself at a hearing.


You must act quickly to protect your rights once a lawsuit has been filed. Lawsuits can be very complex with financially devastating results if the proper steps are not taken.

Document Review:

You should consider hiring an employment lawyer to review any employee contracts or agreements you are entering into. An experienced employment lawyer will review and analyze any documents that you routinely use to ensure they contain all of the necessary language to be enforceable, that they don’t contain any language that may be problematic later, and that they do not violate any state and federal laws.

Finally, our attorneys often find that the best way to stay out of court is to have clear and concise policies which govern the actions of your employees. This goal is best achieved by a well designed employee handbook and/or manual. An experienced employment law attorney will be able to draft a document best suited for your business that will comply with state and federal laws, be presented in a tone that is consistent with your company’s culture, and guide you in making consistent H.R. decisions decreasing the likelihood of complaints or claims.