Criminal Law

The firm’s Criminal Law practice represents and counsels individuals in matters relating to criminal defense, DUI defense, and traffic tickets, including photo radar. Representation of victims of crimes navigating the criminal justice system, as well as clients in administrative hearings before boards and administrative law judges, and in protective order matters.

Michael Kielsky is involved in a wide range of speaking engagements and provides commentary for publications such as the Goldwater Investigative Report.

Michael Kielsky, our attorney in the Criminal Law Section has extensive experience covering a wide range of criminal related issues.

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We represent clients in:

  • Assault
  • Drug Offenses
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Protective Orders
  • Traffic Tickets and Photo Radar

If you have been accused of a crime or if you are the victim of a crime, it is important that you seek out qualified representation for your matter. Mr. Kielsky is an experienced litigator who will assist you in navigating the criminal justice system. After consulting with you, Mr. Kielsky will develop a plan that will help you to achieve the best outcomes possible, given the issues with which you may be dealing. It is important that you contact a qualified attorney immediately after you have been accused of a crime or have been the victim of a crime. Mr. Kielsky is ready and available to begin working with you in order to minimize the stress often associated with these types of matters.

Attorneys practicing in this area include:

Michael Kielsky