Guardianships and Conservatorships

There are times when children and certain vulnerable adults need someone to make decisions for them and protect their interests. The legal processes for this to happen are known as guardianship and conservatorship.

Guardianship is a proceeding by which the court approves the appointment of a guardian for a child or vulnerable adult.

Conservatorship is a similar proceeding but involves appointment of a conservator of the property of the child or vulnerable adult. Complex legal and social issues often accompany these processes[1] and they always require formal court proceedings and paperwork.

We Can Help!

Spotting the legal issues and knowing how and when to implement these proceedings is the role of experienced legal counsel. Whatever your situation, our professionals are prepared to help family members and others enlist the considerable protections the processes of guardianship and conservatorship can bring. We are also equipped to assist clients with the annual accountings and reports due the court after a guardian or conservator has been appointed. For a private meeting with an experienced lawyer, contract our office.