Slip and Fall Injuries

Business owners have a duty to make sure their businesses are safe from hazards that can injure customers. This same duty often applies to other landowners as well. Slip or trip and fall injuries are much more common than you might think and can often result in very serious injuries. The bottom line is many business do not do what they should to prevent hazards to their customers. These hazards may include a slick or wet substance on the floor, impediments or obstacles in walking areas, uneven entry or exit surfaces, or even poor lighting. Slip and fall cases are often vigorously defended and sometimes evidence of the business owner’s liability can be lost if quick action is not taken. If you have been injured as a result of a hazardous or dangerous condition, you need professional, experienced representation

Udall Shumway has the experience and resources to fight for your rights against business and landowners who fail to keep their property safe. We can help you get compensation for the medical care you need. We handle cases in the Mesa, the East Valley, Phoenix, and all over the state of Arizona.

If you have been injured in a slip or trip and fall, please call us immediately at 480.461.5300 for a free consultation and case evaluation.