Real Estate – Sales, Leases, Condemnation, Zoning, and Litigation

Our firm lawyers have a vast experience in the handling of real estate matters, including the purchase and sale of real estate, leasing, condemnation and zoning matters.

For example, the firm:

  • Assists in the sale of municipal property and/or the purchase of real estate.
  • Advises and assists municipal entities with the dedication of real property for subdivision developers.
  • Negotiates and drafts agreements for the installation of telecommunication towers on municipal property including preparation of options for easement agreements and contractual disputes related thereto.
  • Provides legal advice and representation relating to the sale, acquisition and lease/purchase of real property including preparation of deeds and escrow instructions, addendums to leases, purchase agreements, easements, refinancing, hazards, etc.
  • Evaluates and defends municipal entities in lawsuits pertaining to real estate contract disputes and condemnation actions.