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If your loved one is a victim of injury or death due to negligent care in a nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital, you need the most experienced lawyer you can find. Such cases are important because through effective litigation all of our elderly loved ones can be made safer. Such cases are complicated; large health care companies fight hard defending against negligence claims. So you should retain a lawyer who has specialized in nursing home and hospital injury cases for over 15 years; a lawyer who has handled complicated injury cases for over 36 years; a lawyer who has successfully prosecuted nursing homes and hospitals in hundreds of cases; a lawyer who knows how to persuade juries in trial and how to persuade defendants to pay fair settlements.

Nursing home and assisted living companies are motivated to make large profits by cutting expenses for nursing staff. This strains the employees and reduces the quality of care. And this often results in patients being neglected. Patients who are at risk can suffer poor nutrition and dehydration because there is not time to help them eat or drink; or they may be dropped and suffer fractures; or develop bedsores and infections. Sometimes patients are overmedicated to keep them from calling for help. They may be left soiled or wet for long periods of time; or they are left with a dirty catheter because there is not enough nursing staff to help them to the bathroom. And they get sick or injured when the nursing home is supposed to help them get well.

This has got to be stopped. The best way to improve care across the industry is to make it too expensive for bad companies to operate that way. It is fundamentally unfair for good companies to have to complete with those bad apples who cut corners in patient care to increase their profits.

The measure of a moral society is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. Our mission is to bring justice to those who are victims of those companies who place profits over patients’ needs. And in the process, better case can come to all.