Student Matters

The firm has a wealth of experience advising school districts on the constitutional and statutory rights and responsibilities of students, representing school districts in student discipline hearings, and defending school districts against claims brought by students.

For example, the firm:

  • Drafts policies and administrative regulations on student related matters; Develops comprehensive inventories of topics which should be included in student handbooks for elementary and high school students and prepared text for handbooks.
  • Develops comprehensive student disciplinary procedures for school districts, including procedures for special education students and students protected by Section 504.  Also develops related forms, scripts, agendas, hearing documents and flow charts.
  • Advises school districts on matters such as student dress code, religious activities, student clubs, freedom of expression, freedom of association, school fees, admission issues, promotion and retention, open enrollment, search and seizure, drug testing, extracurricular activities and athletics.
  • Advises school districts on how to comply with the requirements of No Child Left Behind that relate to students.
  • Represents school administrators and governing boards in student disciplinary hearings.
  • Represents school districts in evaluating, advising, defending, and litigation of claims by students who are suspended or expelled.
  • Advises school districts regarding student records and compliance with FERPA.
  • Investigates student allegations of teacher misconduct.