Family Law Attorney Steven H. Everts spoke at the Arizona Family Law Practice for Paralegals Conference held February 9, 2018. The conference offered paralegals working in the area of family law learning opportunities related to:

  • Assisting with initial client interviews and case intake
  • Obtaining and evaluating financial informaiton
  • Reviewing the current status of parenting issues in Arizona
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest and the unauthorized practice of law
  • Implementing, enforcing and modifying divorce decrees, judgments and orders

Steven H. Everts presented the section of the conference regarding the enforcement and modification of Family Law Orders and decrees. This area offered exposure to the preparation of and filing decrees and other necessary documents. Enforcing judgments and orders, temporary orders, custody orders, and support orders were also discussed. Mr. Everts facilitated discussion on how to determine which parts of divorce decrees are subject to modification, helping clients determine when to seek modification, as well as assisting in modification actions.

Mr. Everts has practiced law for over 41 years and represented and counseled thousands of clients in family law matters. He is a Board Certified Specialist in Family law, averaging over 60 court appearances and dozens of contested hearings and trials each year.  He has been lead counsel in all family law trials and 12 jury trials. He has also been retained as an expert witness to testify regarding the performance of other lawyers. He has attended over 100 continuing legal education seminars and 11 parenting courses in the field of family law. In addition to this conference, Mr. Everts has been a presenter for 10 straight years at the prestigious Arizona Family Law Institute, the Arizona and Southwest Divorce Conferences, and National Business Institute.