When you hire any lawyer, you are entitled to the following rights as described below by the State Bar of Arizona.

You have the right to:

  • an attorney who will represent you diligently and ethically.
  • an attorney who will be capable of handling your case.   Before you hire a lawyer, ask about their education, training and experience.   The lawyer will inform you periodically about the status of your case and give you copies, if you request, of legal documents prepared on your behalf.
  • an attorney who will charge you a reasonable fee and tell you in advance, in writing, the basis for that fee.  You are encouraged to ask questions about the proposed fee.
  • an attorney who will provide an estimate of the expenses for which you are responsible.  You should inquire as to the potential costs if your case is lost.   Before paying a bill, you are entitled to a written statement of the charges for which you are paying.
  • an attorney who will keep statements and information which you reveal in the course of your relationship confidential.
  • an attorney who will give you the right to make the ultimate decisions on the legitimate objectives to be pursued in your case, including deciding whether or not to settle your case.
  • an attorney who will show you courtesy and respect.
  • an attorney who will exercise independent professional judgment on your behalf, free from compromising influence.