Mesa AZ | H4 EAD Rule Updates

H4 EAD Rule Updates In the Future? As of now, H4 EADs remain on the Regulatory Agenda for Removal. This means the Federal government is taking the necessary steps to remove the law that allows H4 visa holders to obtain … Continued

Mesa AZ | A P-2 Visa

What Is a P-2 Visa? With a plethora of different visa options available, it can be difficult for foreign entrants to the United States to understand which one they need. Above others, as an artist or entertainer, you may be … Continued

Need a Phoenix DUI Lawyer?

A charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is generally a misdemeanor, but can sometimes be considered a felony if there are aggravating circumstances or additional charges. Arizona state law considers a DUI serious, and you could face revocation of … Continued

Need a Tempe DUI Lawyer?

Are you looking for a Tempe, AZ DUI Lawyer? In Arizona there are numerous people that have decided to not drink and drive, and plenty of others have decided to simply never drink, period. While these are some fantastic ways to … Continued

Mesa AZ | I Don’t Want a Divorce

What Should I Do If I Don’t Want a Divorce? In Arizona, one party begins the divorce process by submitting a petition for dissolution of marriage to the court. The other party becomes the respondent. Many times, the decision to … Continued

Mesa AZ | Accountability Court

What is Accountability Court? During a divorce or paternity matter, the judge reviews the information provided and issues a final decree. The order typically includes details of the legal responsibilities of each party. One of the most important parts of … Continued

Mesa AZ | Contested Divorce

Steps Involved in a Contested Divorce Going through a divorce can be difficult. It is especially complicated for those who are involved in a contested divorce. A contested divorce is one where parties do not agree on the issues or … Continued

Mesa AZ | Property Division Plans That Work

Here Are Some Property Division Plans That Work The division of property is one of the most difficult decisions facing divorcing couples. The law allows for marital property to be distributed equitably. This means that both parties are entitled to … Continued

Mesa AZ | Burn Injuries are Often Severe

Burn Injuries are Often Severe. Know What To Do If It Happens to You Burns are among the most serious types of injuries that occur. They are extremely painful, and may permanently damage the skin. Burn injuries are often severe, … Continued

Mesa AZ | Wrong Way Drivers

Wrong Way Drivers Cause Severe Accidents Causes of Wrong Way Accidents Of all the types of accidents that may occur, collisions involving wrong way drivers can be the most dangerous.  Many people wonder how a driver can end up going … Continued