Mesa AZ | H4 EAD Rule Updates

H4 EAD Rule Updates In the Future? As of now, H4 EADs remain on the Regulatory Agenda for Removal. This means the Federal government is taking the necessary steps to remove the law that allows H4 visa holders to obtain … Continued

Mesa AZ | The 140 Billion Dollar Divorce

Family Law Attorney Jonathan D. Brooks takes a look at Jeff Bezos’ $140 billion divorce What happens when the richest human beings on the planet file to dissolve their marriage in a community property state, when, by all public accounts, … Continued

Mesa AZ | How to Protect Your Privacy During Divorce

Family Law Attorney Jonathan Brooks Provides Pointers on How to Protect Your Privacy During Divorce Dissolving a marriage can be an emotional rollercoaster and the process can bring out the worst in a spouse. With that in mind, it is … Continued

Mesa AZ | Spousal Support

When Is Spousal Support Awarded? Spousal support, known in Arizona as Spousal Maintenance, is not automatically ordered in all divorce cases in Arizona. Judges have wide discretion in determining when to award spousal maintenance and in what amount. Types of … Continued

Mesa AZ | Division of Property and Debts

How Does the Court Determine Division of Property and Debts? It is common for spouses going through separation or getting a divorce not to agree on how their property and debt should be divided. If they are unable to reach … Continued

Mesa AZ | Parenting Time Arrangements

What Types of Parenting Time Arrangements Can We Make? Arizona uses the term “parenting time” rather than “visitation” or “custody.” This refers to the time that a parent physically has his or her children in their care. This is a … Continued

Mesa AZ | Domestic Violence Case

Why an Order of Protection Is Necessary in a Domestic Violence Case Victims of domestic violence may be able to obtain an order of protection to prevent further abuse. A family law attorney can explain the process of acquiring an … Continued

Mesa AZ | Financial Mistakes to Avoid after Divorce

What Are the Financial Mistakes to Avoid after Divorce While divorce can be an emotionally trying time, the financial impact of divorce can last years after the heartbreak. Before you sign a divorce settlement, be sure that you get competent … Continued

Mesa AZ | Paternity Rights

What Paternity Rights Exist if I Wasn’t Married to Mother? While married parents have equal rights to their children if they decide to get divorced, this is not the same for unwed parents. If you were not married to the … Continued

Mesa AZ | Child Support Deviation

What Factors Can Cause a Child Support Deviation from Tables? In Arizona, child support is based on the state guidelines which provide a presumptive amount of support based on the income of the parents and the number of children considered … Continued